Welcome to my personal web pages.

Before you´ll read the pages, let me introduce myself and explain how the idea came.

Since I was born, 3th of April 1970 I live in Šenkvice. That is a village about 20 km far rom the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. Until the fatal day, 22th of January 2007 I lived usual life. After graduation I was working in the construction comany as electrician. Since that time until the unlucky day I was a tradesman. I had many hobbies, some of them until today. Mostly I liked several sports, such is hockey or cycling. I drove on my bicycle over 40.000 km, which is more than the Earth globe circumference.


One day I didn´t came home. Just on a bicycle I met an accident – was hitten by a car and for several days I plunged between the life and the death. After fiveteen days, when I woke up from the coma it took more ten days to understand that what was happened. That was sure, that my next life will be a big change. It took more ten months, until I got onto wheelchair, where I´m until today.


Than came a period ….what I´ll do now? My brother-in-law adviced me to buy a computer, create an e-mail account to be able to communicate. So I agreed, bought a computer and since that time is my everyday companion. Because I´m interesting in sports, I tried to ask football clubs to send me a club sharf. Some of them sent me, but mainly of them sent me key rings. So I started to collect that items and because key rings have as a present many of companies, hotels, municipalities etc. I decided to collect them and to make not only big........ but biggest collection! So I started to ask all people to send me such a souvenir and I was really surprised by the helpfulness and support of all. After half a year I started to think about the notation in the Guiness book of the records with my key rings collection. So I composed into my accost e-mail also this idea and the reaction was amazing. I never expected so much support and affinity. I obtained so many friends, in spite most of them I never met. That´s because I feel so great liability to get into the Guiness book to represent my glory to all the good people which helped me. If my web engaged your attention, or if you consider my ambition a sympathic, or you could help me somehow, I´ll be extremely grateful to you.

With compliments, Miloš Bittner – key ring collector

Some pictures of my collection you can look in the photogallery.